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HealthUp is an innovative third generation mobile health application that provides personalized, artificial intelligence delivered nutritional, lifestyle and health choices based on science studies

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App Features

Use HealthUp for motivation to build your daily routines, create custom goals, improve your mental state, and keep track of your goals with our unique app. We implemented the Material Design with intuitive user interface so you can work with ease and be more productive without the need to have a lot of interaction inside the app. You will have a graphical presentation for your goals, lifestyle, and habits so you can track your goals progress with a click of a button.

Health science - based suggestions

Read health science-based suggestions and see how to improve your medical conditions.

Diseases and medical conditions

Tell us your disease or medical conditions and see what the science-based studies offer for improvement.

Set goals to improve your health

Read the science studies, see the offered information based on the science studies and set your goals!

Science based studies

Research science-based studies and get informed for improving your health state.

Monitor your progress

Monitor and update your daily/weekly/monthly progress.

Stay hydrated

See, check, update and monitor your daily water intake.


Top 5 reasons why you should use HealthUp:

  • Science based information about current health status or condition
  • Easy to use and it doesn’t require too much interaction within the app
  • FREE download and registration
  • Plan your goals for the upcoming days

Longevity strategies

We identify science-based, proven lifestyle and nutritional choices in a specific time, based on consuming strategies that activate particular longevity pathways.


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